Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Awaken the Church

T.M. Moore, Dean of Chuck Colson's Centurions Program says:
"In our day again the Gospel of the Kingdom has been substituted for by an inadequate and false gospel, a gospel of personal peace and wellbeing.  This false gospel loads believers with false assurances about their eternal state even as it distracts them from the pursuit of holiness, minimizes the life of discipline and obedience, fosters an idolatry of material success, redefines the go/tell mission of the Church, and leaves the larger issues of culture and society in the hands of the children of the kingdom of darkness."

"The Gospel of the Kingdom has become captive to mere personal interest, felt needs, aspirations of prosperity, postmodern relativism, and social and political ambitions.  Certainly there are aspects of most of these in the Gospel of the Kingdom; however, the Gospel of the Kingdom is much broader, much deeper, much more integrated, and much more sweeping in its implications and power than any or all of its present-day substitutes.  What we need today is a movement to restore the gospel of the Kingdom - Christianity as a worldview - to the churches and the publice square.  This will not happen without the deliberate, coordinated effort of those who share a burden for such a broad and deep renewal."

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