Friday, October 11, 2013


I was on my way to stay with my grandson today and as I was driving I was remembering the sins of my past.  It's like I have no connection with the young woman I used to be, except to use what I know to help someone else.  That's the benefit of being a repentant sinner.

 When I got to my daughter's house it was quiet, my grandson was still asleep.  I kept thinking of who I used to be.  Mulling over the past can overwhelm you sometimes. I began to read what was next on my reading plan in my Bible, Mark 3:28-30, that all sins are forgiven.  Jesus made sure I got the message today.  He read the question in my mind.  He most likely knew before time that on this day that grown up little girl from Pittsburgh would be reading these words and that they would sustain her.  I praised, "You are unfathomable Lord!"  And I asked, "Expand my mind, my imagination to begin to rightly explore the never-ending mystery of You Jesus."

I sing praises to The Lord at times, and I began to sing Blessed Assurance.  And the words of the song hit me.  I am born of the Spirit and washed in Jesus' blood.  How awesome is that?  Just because I know Jesus, I am clean.  What's even more is that I get eternal life thrown in.  What a mind blowing deal!  Then I asked, "Why did you choose me Jesus?  And why don't more people see what I just did?"

But verse 29 says that the person who blasphemes the Holy Spirit never has forgiveness.  What does it mean to blaspheme the Holy Spirit?  Is it the unbelief that comes because they don't understand how Jesus gets on the inside of people, therefore they don't believe it?  Is it that people believe Jesus existed, and even that He is God, but He died and now the world is on auto-pilot?  Maybe they just can't believe that Jesus can still be on this earth in the souls of mankind.  They have trouble with the supernatural aspect in what they cannot see.

I pray, "Open their eyes Lord.  Blow their minds with a supernatural display of who You are that they can't explain away.  Leave them speechless.  Overwhelm this country one person at a time."

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