Friday, July 24, 2015


I have been absent from this site for awhile.  I have put this blog on hold while God had other things for me to do.  Now it's time to really dig in and get the conversation going again.  Will you join me?  This time we will keep it going.

I was reading in Luke 11:11-14 recently.  Remember the story?  Jesus was giving the parable about a son asking for bread, and Jesus said, "If a son asks for bread from any father among you, will he give him a stone?"  Then He speaks about an egg or a scorpion.  Jesus compares what we sinful, earthly people will give our children, with what the Father will give to His children if we but ask.

Having children has taught me a lot about that kind of love.  We love our children sacrificially and we want to give them every good thing.  The thing we want most from them is for them to want us, to think we have something valuable to say and to learn from us.  We want our children to respect us and to love us back with just a portion of the love that we have for them.  Don't you want that as a parent?  Isn't that birthed in a parent from the moment of conception?

The Father is so ready for us to love Him back that way.  He will come near to us, so near if we but ask Him to.  He will come closer than we could ask or think.  He would infuse Himself into us.  We would breathe in as He breathes out.  Our hearts would beat together so that it would be but a single sound.  His mind would fire off a thought and it would be received in ours.  And when we have no words and our hearts cry silent tears, He would instinctively know what we cannot not utter.  He would then begin to mend the tiny tears in our hearts. And with His gentle but powerful strength He would hold us together from the inside out.

From the time we have children, our identity is defined in their existence.  We are someone's father or mother.  We take on an important responsibility and we long to see some of who were are replicated in their lives.  Greater plans are executed to prepare them for a future they can't even comprehend.  We move mountains and lay down our lives for theirs.  Unfortunately some of them use what we've given them as a device to move away from us.  They may have removed themselves from our care, but they can never remove themselves from our love.

I know there is so much more I have yet to understand about God, but I am thankful that he made me a mom so that I could know in part, His love for me.  How could I choose not to have someone love me like that?

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